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Interview with Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee

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Dear family, friends, and valued clients, 

I'm happy to share with you an interview that came out with the Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee, a volunteer group that promotes slow growth and preserving the historic integrity of Fair Oaks Village. I'm honored and grateful to be featured. Check it out here!

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April and May are prime time to gather and create as an herbalist. Spring plants that have just received the blessed April rain have a strong vibrancy that is felt. The green growth encouraged from these rains is more waxy and alive than I see later in the spring or summer. It is bursting with [...]

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Dear Botanica Community, Here at the winter solstice I’m full of gratitude for my life, and that very much includes my radiant clients at Botanica. Your gracious inquiries, heartfelt stories, bright spirits, and healthy enthusiasm inspire me again and again. I am humbled by you, as I am the season. Left: Inner firelight in the [...]

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Dear Botanica Community, First and foremost, I want to thank all of my loved ones and supporters for the successful launch of my website in July. The love is felt! Everything is going very well, at a beautiful pace, and with many great blessings of new interest, continued support, and community-building. Since I last posted [...]

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I love to make things, and share them. Essentially, this is what I’m doing with Botanica. I have been doing this for years in a gift and trade “economy”. Things have grown and shifted and this energetic exchange in commerce is new. I’m not sure if I chose it, or if it chose me. [...]

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