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"This stuff is a pure treat for your skin. Thick and rich with nutrients and all natural. I use it at night for my face and neck. A big jar that will last a long time. Thanks Deb!"

- NJ

"This cream feels like the ultimate in self care, and even better when you know the ingredients are about the purest you're likely to find. I absolutely love it, so much so that I ship this amazing cream, by request, to family members who live overseas!"

- Naomi

"This cream is my absolute favorite and my #1 go to for glowing, healthy skin. I didn't know that a product could be this high caliber, I haven't experienced anything like it. The only challenge is that nothing else compares. My skin feels and looks deeply nourished. People comment on how I am glowing and how super healthy my skin is. This is the secret! It is magic in a bottle. The calendula rose cream feels like velvet and I almost want to eat it! Deb you are a genius! I am SO grateful."

- Jenn Riley

"I feel like a queen whenever I put on this rich and delicious lotion."

- Sophia Szombathy

"Everything about this cream feels like such a ritual of self love."

- Nancy Hensley



"I used my oil after I had fallen at work. Around my armpits and arms doing a lymph drainage massage. I am happy to say that the pain is gone from around there."

- Shirley Azevedo

"I was introduced to Botanica's Lymph Oil while getting a massage. The practitioner had the oil and applied it to the lymph drainage areas (neck, armpits, inside of elbows, back of the knees, and pelvic region). After that I laid in an infrared sauna for over 30 minutes. The experience was so fabulous that I purchased the oil and ordered my own infrared sauna to use whenever I wanted. After months of using this oil I can say that it is the real deal. What I have noticed is that I no longer feel a blockage in those areas. This product is a HUGE help."

- Anje

"As a massage therapist I use this oil in my detoxification therapy sessions. I also use it for self massage in the sauna. There's nothing like the quality. My and my clients skin is soft and supple afterwards and the detoxification effects are evident in the effects after each session. Thank you so much!"

- April

"I'm so happy this shop moved to Fair Oaks. As you walk up, you can smell the amazing salves and oils! The owner is incredibly kind and the shop it a wonderful addition to the Fair Oaks area. As a massage therapist, I prefer using the oils from Botanica as they are of the highest quality. I recommend it for anyone looking for fresh, clean, and high quality products. Looking forward to my next trip back!"

- M.P


"I use this hair oil almost daily. I would use it just for the lovely way it smells but the fact that it conditions my hair and gives it shine while not making it heavy makes it a solid part of my rountine. I have used other hair oils and they don’t compare in any of these ways."

- Nantzy

"Just about every day my family uses something so lovingly offered by Botanica Village Apothecary. To date, we have used almost everything that Deborah has so consciously created with the plant world, and are currently grateful for the reishi facial serum, chickweed neroli cream, rose lip balm and Beautiful hair oil to nourish the skin and hair respectively during this colder and drier season. With the flu and cold season also upon us, the loose leaf teas have been so helpful in keeping us healthy. I highly recommend Botanic Village Apothecary to anyone looking for healthy, consciously sourced and lovingly created products."

- Susan Geneva M.

"This hair oil smells heavenly! I love using it before bed. It helps my hair shine, detangle and condition without making it too heavy."

- Nantzy


"My kids and I love this tea, especially iced during the hot summer months! It’s a staple in our tea rotation. It tastes great and keeps them hydrated and well."

- Sarah


""Wow! This serum is just what my skin needed plus more. I'm so happy with it and a little goes a long way. The aroma is so gentle and refreshing, I feel like my skin is completely nourished with the finest ingredients."

- Victoria Rocha

""This lovely face serum changed my skin really quickly in wonderful ways! I was pretty astonished. I have been using it for about a month now and am continuing to see improvement in all my skins various sun damaged areas, inflammation, rough spots, etc. Nothing I’ve ever used before for my skin comes close to being this wonderful."

- Nantzy


""This lovely rose hydrosol feels and smells so real and clean. I love using it to refresh my skin and to clear any unwanted energies, it feels like pushing the restart button and bringing in beautiful music."

- Nantzy


""I found this gem of a shop through word of mouth from a coworker. I absolutely loved the handmade shampoo bar and 3 ingredient soap. Everything made with simple ingredients from nature and essential oils. Smells like heaven in there. Owner is very knowledgeable and a neat lady."

- Rebekah K.


""I am currently using the cleansing oil along with the serum oil both at night and in the morning ... my skin is (I know it sounds cliche) glowing and like new!.l 've cancelled my future facial appointment-- this is the only regimen I'll be needing. When you go, ask to hear about everything in the store. I can't wait to try more products-- Truly a rare gem!!!"

- Heather F.


""I don't even know where to start, deb is the sweetest woman ever!!! I have been having some problems lately and I had the nicest conversation with her, I learned a lot during my visit, and will definitely be coming back. The saint johns wart oil is amazing!!"

- Saylor G.


""These herbal products are my absolute favorite! And the owner of Botanica Village Apothecary, Deborah, shares her knowledge on herbal remedies, healing and wildcrafting with love and enthusiasm. So grateful to have this resource in our community!"

- Gretchen D.

"These herbal products have real integrity ... only the finest ingredients and processes, made in small batches, with the love, attention, and consciousness of a very fine herbalist."

- Diane G.

"How lucky are we to have this local gem within our village? Looking for an herbal alternative, Botanica Village Apothecary is bound to have something for you... I cannot wait to head back to the apothecary to try some other herb remedies and to have some more lovely convo with Deb in her charming shop!"

- Elizabeth R.