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"The larger Sacramento area has been immensely blessed with the opening of the Botanica Apothecary in Fair Oaks Village. Deborah Jane is the owner and herbalist, having studied herbalism for many years. Her work is of the highest quality, using many locally harvested plants, organic oils, etc. Her methodology has so much integrity... small batches, hand made. Deborah herself is a gem... a true healer, community-minded, serious and loving. Our community needs both Deborah and her apothecary. They both ADD!"

Thank you, Diane Goettlicher

Beautiful Face Oil and Reishi Facial Serum are antioxidant, anti-aging, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory facial treatments to deeply treat the tender facial skin for any age or skin type. Apply a few drops after a facial steam with a hot cloth. The nourishment will last all day or night.

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Infusions or “tea”, are herbal extracts in water. They are like the foundation of herbal care and can be taken for literally everything. Herbal infusions in warm water are the very easiest for the body to integrate. The body knows what to do with water and the herbs can easily get to where they need to go. Herbal tea can treat digestion, the nervous system, respiratory system, the skin, brain, trauma, bones, the eyes, nausea, fever, you name it. Drink it hot to bring you the warmth you need, or cool on a hot day. All of the herbs in these loose leaf teas are organically grown in my garden or ethically wildcrafted with great care.

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Medicinal Mushrooms are delicious healing herbal extracts ready to go in your mouth, no dilution necessary.

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Salves are a great way to apply bug repellant, Saint John's wort to a burn, comfrey to a sprain or break, trauma salve to an impact, and healing salve to a cut. The solution held more solid in beeswax helps the skin slowly absorb the herbs for a prolonged healing effect. The herbal oils are made solid with adding pure beeswax and cocoa butter.

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The herbal oils are made using olive oil as it is very stable for a long time, and won't go rancid. Energetically it is neutral, neither warm nor cool. The dried plants are extracted using friction (a blender). The fresh plants are extracted into the oil using time, usually a moon cycle, or one month. These healing oils can be used by themselves as body or massage oil, or turned into salt scrub, salve, balm, or lotion. The body absorbs these right up like nutrition. Treat yourself, and treat your skin!

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Botanica lip balm is made with only a few pure and simple ingredients to keep your lips happy, or heal them. A balm is just a firmer salve, containing more beeswax and cocoa butter. The emollient quality from the cocoa butter allows it to penetrate deeply into the skin for lasting moisture.

Ingredients include Calendula herbal oil (olive oil), cocoa butter, pure beeswax, and peppermint essential oil. All organic.

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Botanica's creams are simply made suspending hydrosols in herbal oils, beeswax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. Botanica's creams are simply made suspending hydrosols in herbal oils, beeswax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.

Creams include Chickweed Neroli and Calendula Rose

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Botanica's herbal vinegars are made with fresh herbs and fruit, and raw apple cider vinegar. Lovely as a skin tonic for evening, smoothing, clearing and toning, or a hair rinse that cleans off any residue from products and leaves the hair oh so soft! With no vinegar smell left on the hair.  

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Premium therapeutic grade essential oils from Original Swiss Aromatics at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. Botanica offers this line of oils for your self care treatments, diffuser, perfume, and creations of all kinds. Enhance your overall health, physical and emotional, with the use of aromatherapy. The careful use of high quality essential oils can reduce stress, increase energy, improve sleep, treat skin, balance hormones, soothe digestion, anxiety, and much much more. A drop of rose oil can change your life, uplift, calm, balance, bring beauty, and that gasp of huh! With wonder these are integrated in to your being.

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Aromatherapist Emily Via has masterfully blended these beautifully pleasing, wearable blends for your needs. Each essential oil potion is in premium organic jojoba oil to make it safe to wear on your skin. Choose from Bedtime Blend, Divination, Female Balance, Meditation, Urban Arborist, Urban Herbalist, Queen Bee, and Young Goddess. Each blend is in a 10 ml. Amber roll-on bottle and comes with take-away cards written by Emily creatively describing the oils and properties in the blend.

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Tarot, books, games, cards, and candles, for sure! Here is a collection of curated items to accent your herbal potions, complete a gift idea, educate, and expand your herbal life experience.

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Don't know what to get your loved ones? No worries, they can choose whatever they want with a gift certificate to the online apothecary. An array of healing salves, creams, balms, scrubs and facial products, vinegars, essential oils, and teas. There is a whole pregnancy and postpartum line for mama and baby too.

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These premium soaps are all organic and handmade in small batches for Botanica by Michael DeNardi of Olio DeNardi, a small estate grown olive grove in Winters, California, in the Sacramento Valley, an hour away from Fair Oaks Village.

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Hydrosols are a product of steam distilled plants. Left to be natural, as they would have come out of the still, they have a dilute amount of pure essential oil in them and hold beautiful fragrance. These gentle distillates make for powerful remedies in balancing and regulating health.

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Gentle, effective, and non invasive treatment tools for your face and body.

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